Why 3D Renders Make Great Virtual Exhibitions

In 3D renders world for the first time in the digital age, humans are unable to conduct business as usual due to a life-threatening virus.

As a result, many have avoided hobbies, vacations, and in some instances, their job. Fortunately, savvy individuals found a way to adapt to the situation.

Although these novel adaptations have varied from industry to industry, quite a few of them shared something in common. 3D renders.

These digital works of art are used to create photorealistic.

Scenes capable of giving people a sense of being at an exhibition in person.

Let’s take a look at some examples and explore why 3D renders make great virtual exhibitions.

Summer Exhibit at Berkshire Museum

The highly anticipated art exhibition known as the “Art of the Hills: Narrative” set to open on June 6th.

However, the Berkshire Museum forced to delay the event.

Until October 10th due to COVID-19.

When faced with this unwanted effect, the Executive Director at the art establishment; Jeff Rodgers, started searching for a way to safely proceed with the exhibit.

According to Rodgers; “We committed carrying mission; fulfilling our promise to the many talented artists in the show, and above all else: keeping our community and staff safe”.

The solution the Berkshire Museum came up with and invested in is 3D renders.

Thanks to these technological feats; Instead of having to wait to show off the work of over 60 talented artists; the exhibit can debut on time.

Walt Disney Family Museum

As you may have gathered, utilizing 3D renders to create virtual exhibitions is a great way to keep reveals safe and on schedule despite the pandemic.

As an added bonus; online participation is a great way to exceed a building’s capacity limits; without endangering the lives of those who want to see an exhibit.

Which brings us to Disney.

Based on a statement from the Executive Director of The Walt Disney Family Museum, Kirsten Komoroske, the company sought out a way to provide “people with support, entertainment, and engaging content.”

To accomplish this, they asked the museum’s global community to create works of art that describe “the world of tomorrow”.

From there, the museum had 3D models and 3d renders made of the Diane Disney Miller Exhibition Hall.

This digital, photorealistic masterpiece then filled with art pieces created by over 175 artists; to create the virtual exhibit now known as The World of Tomorrow exhibition.

By doing so, the museum hopes others are just as inspired by the works of art as they were.

“I have overwhelmed with the generosity; and support that our museum members and followers have shown us over the past few months.

They are inspiring group of people.” Komoroske said before adding “

…we’re humbled be able showcase their exquisite works.”

Clearly; 3D renderings are being used to make a positive; impact via virtual exhibitions.

Be sure to find out how these photorealistic renders can be implemented in your next online; plan by contacting a professional 3D modeling and rendering company, such as Ilustraviz, today!


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