3 Ways CGI Lifestyle Images Drastically Improve Customer Experience

Additionally happy consumers tend to become brand loyalists and tell others about you; whereas angry or disappointed people can have the opposite effect about CGI lifestyle images. To ensure customers are the former rather than the latter; it is imperative that businesses create a positive experience throughout every engagement. In this article; we cover how to achieve this vital task via CGI lifestyle images.

What Are CGI Renders?

Also CGI; or Computer Generated Imagery; make it possible for professional 3D rendering and modeling companies; such as Ilustraviz; to make photorealistic images; as well as animation. These 360 degree images come in all shapes and sizes to meet all sorts of marketing needs.

Of them; one of the impressive types the lifestyle shot.

In case you are not familiar; the lifestyle shot is a 3D render featuring a photorealistic scene. Business owners can utilize this futuristic feat to drastically improve customer experience; increase brand loyalty; and conversion rate. Let’s explore how.

Improve Customer Experience via 3D Render Customization

Another Individualism is a major driving force when it comes to conversion. To put this another way; customers capable of making their purchase feel unique typically commit to the buy. One of the fastest ways business owners can give consumers this experience is via CGI lifestyle images.

Further these gorgeous; versatile images embedded into a website; to allow potential buyers to alter the color or size of an item. From there; if the alterations are not commonplace the customer can be charged an increased rate. As a result; businesses can offer consumers the customer experience they desire without breaking the bank in the process.

Utilize CGI Lifestyle Images For Wow Factor

Furthermore jaw-droppingly beautiful 3D renders are responsive; and look great on almost all devices. Business owners can use this impressive feat to ensure customers have a consistent experience; regardless of any device preferences.

Once this is achieved; companies can evaluate consumer engagement to identify what works best. Over time; this information makes it possible for businesses to generate their brand’s own unique “wow factor” regularly; thus increasing brand loyalty.


Invite Guests to CGI Related Events

Moreover as we mentioned above; customers want to feel unique. A great way to provide this is via social media engagement. This multifaceted technique is known to be effective in all of the following marketing goals.

  • Generate a bond or relationship with customer by making the company feel accessible 24/7
  • Use photorealistic stories via 3D render lifestyle shots to keep customers engaged on a daily basis
  • Build excitement by making limited offers that are highlighted by CGI renders
  • Implement high-quality, photorealistic images to give potential customers the type of eye candy that goes viral
  • Create exclusive virtual reality events, such as product promotions, and invite top customers to attend

Basically keeping customers engaged on social media increases the odds of potential buyers sharing their experience with others; for two reasons. One, they are already on the social media platform; which makes sharing super easy to do; and two; brand association.

Certainly by reinforcing the connection between a routine activity and a company; said business can make their brand feel familiar; thus trustworthy. This; in turn; increases conversion rate; word of mouth free advertising; and brand loyalty.


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