Why Silo Images Are Crucial For Ecommerce Marketing

Additionally versatile 3D renders are a wondrous solution for ecommerce digital marketing campaigns. These fantastic technological feats dazzle onlookers and promote brand awareness to boot. However; if that was not impressive enough on its own; 3D renderings are available in a wide variety of styles.

Also in this article; we take an in-depth look at the photorealistic imagery known as the silo image.

Versatile and Budget Friendly

Further as we mentioned above; there are quite a few CGI rendering variations available. One of the most streamlined 3D render types is the silo image. This budget-friendly; photorealistic shot displays a product on a white; or “empty” background.

Furthermore Business owners can utilize this 3D rendering; style to provide customers with valuable product insights since the visual is minimalistic.

Too Other novel uses; customers love are listed below.

  • Fancy customization features
  • Online displays to establish brand as trendy
  • Add to banner ads that are equipped; with preset color configurations
  • Insert CGI renders into blog posts to prevent them from being painful; boring walls of text

In addition; 3D renders offer customers a way to simulate interacting with a product physically.

Another key point that said; this novel approach to shopping is only effective if said photorealistic.

Certainly images are generated by 3D; rendering and modeling professionals.

Especially so, be sure to contact Ilustraviz for high-quality silo style CGI renders.


Practical Application in Ecommerce

In detail now that we have covered what silo images are; let’s dive into how to implement them in your business model. 3D renders are adaptable to any online platform. Which means they can effectively entice customers anywhere in the digital landscape.

As a result; this versatility has quite a few profitable; practical applications; such as those below.

Email Marketing

Particularly according to Hubspot roughly 46% of emails; are opened via mobile devices. To aptly market to this portion of the populace; silo images can be a valuable tool thanks to the responsive design of 3D renders.

These digitally fluid types of 3D renders conform to restrictive email parameters without diminishing the quality of the visual; and make it possible for email marketers to update prior campaign layouts on-the-fly without a complete overhaul in most cases.

Social Media

Platforms that make it possible to click on an image and expand it so users can view all of the glorious details are where silo images shine the most. As a result; these social media apps; such as Instagram; give customers a chance to interact with vibrant imagery; tinker with customization options; and then conveniently share their discoveries with a few simple clicks.

Affiliate Campaigns in Ecommerce

Based on information gleaned via BigCommerce; approximately 81% of brands and 84% of publishers use affiliate programs. In case you are not familiar; these brand awareness boosting tactics make it possible for businesses to effortlessly attract customers and get in touch with other interested parties.

To take advantage of this type of organic traffic; business owners can utilize silo images to entice users and potential collaborators without having to say a word.


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