5 Advantages of Using 3D Furniture Renderings

Having a well-made product is the first step toward success in 3d furniture renderings.

The next, and arguably most important, step is how the item is marketed.

In the past, this was achieved via a single physical display; or two depending on the price. Of course, using only one environment to enhance a piece of furniture was often a gamble due to humanity’s widely varying market.

Since then, the process of marketing furniture has become a whole lot easier. Especially with futuristic technology, such as 3D renderings. These digital images improve the likelihood of presenting the right enticing display that each unique customer desires. Due to this, 3D renderings has revolutionize the way furniture is sold in the global marketplace.

More Promo Images

What is appealing to one customer may be appalling to another.

To compensate for this, a 3D render can be altered on the fly to address each customer’s specific likes.

By fine tuning the way your furniture; you can develop a plethora of promotional images for each available market without depleting your profit margin.

Enhanced Environment

Sometimes, a piece of furniture blends well in any environment. In these instances, it is often a great idea to present the product in a solid black or snow white setting depending on the furniture’s color scheme. Achieving this daunting task in a physical setting without shadows is practically impossible.

The same cannot. These digital tapestries offer virtually unlimited settings, lighting, and textures, including but not limited to brick or glass backgrounds. Experimenting with these environments is easy to achieve, cost-effective, and downright fun to see how great your product looks in each one.

Seasonal Embellishments

Seasonal Embellishments

Regardless of where you are located on Earth, there are reasons to celebrate throughout the year. Updating the way your furniture is very easy with 3D rendering. Simply choose which holiday decor you need and watch as the setting your furniture is in updates accordingly.

Fast, Cost-Effective Renderings

Running behind schedule happens more often than most of us would like to admit. If we are unable to bounce back quickly, this can delay the launch of marketing campaigns or worse, reduce profits. Fortunately, there is a terrific way to get things back on track in a fast, cost-effective manner with 3D rendering. The process of generating a new render is lightning fast. Due to this, you can get caught up virtually; overnight without spending a small fortune to do so.

Customization You Need

Ever wonder what your furniture would look like in a different color? With 3D rendering, you can tinker with how your product appears without having to physically remake the model over again.

Plus, you are not limited to only changing your furnture’s color.

3D rendering also makes it possible for you to see your furniture in other textures too, making it possible to check out whether or not your product would look good in leather instead.

To find out more, contact Ilustraviz today! We make it real.


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