Rendering, How Computer Rendering You Stand Out at Furniture

Additionally 3D rendering offer businesses a way to stand out online.

Also this is accomplished via a variety of positive tactics; such as product customization; virtual reality experiences; and photorealistic images. Unfortunately; utilizing these effective marketing techniques at furniture trade shows can be challenging. To overcome this hurdle; we created the following guide.

Meet Customers Before You Get There Rendering

Especially if you are new in town. However; if customers are actively looking for you; they are more likely to pay your booth a visit. One of the best ways to invoke this goal-driven impulse is to introduce yourself to consumers before the trade show even starts. This accomplished via the following types of 3D rendering.

  • 360 degree image of what your booth will look like
  • Virtual reality tour showing how to get to your booth
  • 3D product renders to invoke intrigue

Further that said; low quality renders and inappropriate styles can work against you rather than for you. So; high-quality CGI imagery; contact a professional 3D rendering and modeling company; such as Ilustraviz; today.

Have an Optimal Set Up

After preemptively “greeting” customers; the next step is to optimize your booth to attract attention. Although there are many ways to complete this task across all target audiences; the following basic principles can be implemented to cover as many groups as feasibly possible.

Interactive Set Ups in Rendering

Customers are drawn to interactive set ups. Known tactics include imposing a customer’s image into a lifestyle shot featuring your furniture; and customizing said pieces on the fly at your booth. As an added bonus; these futuristic features also transition well into websites; apps; and other online platforms as well.

Big Screen

From projectors to large plasma tvs; being seen by customers from far away gives you a leg up on your competition. Ideally; these visual marketing tools should showcase a 3D rendering featuring your furniture. Once customers get there; you can encourage them to walk on foot pads or move a character around to tour the digital area. This technique is entertaining for users and the imagery can be very inviting for curious consumers that are not near the booth.


Exclusive Virtual Tours

Limited time deals or freebies are a great way to increase free word-of-mouth advertising. To accomplish this at a furniture trade show; set up code scan stations and encourage consumers to use them. After a hundred or so scans, pack the stations up.

For optimal results; use the limited codes to invite consumers to exclusive CGI tours embedded with models of your beautiful furniture.

Energetic Sales Force

Combining any of the ideas above with energetic sales professionals is a great way to raise brand awareness and build hype. This positive energy can increase discussion about your booth; thus increasing traffic to it.

That said, generating said emotion requires breaks, snacks, and adequate comfort. To ensure your sales team is able to give their best; make sure you account for their needs at all times.


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