Benefits of 3D Modeling CGI for Advertising and Marketing

Basically continuing search for high quality versatile promotional visuals has led marketers from all over the globe to 3D modeling.

Specifically able to depict anything from a detailed product shot on a white background to immersive VR experiences, this tool presents endless creative opportunities for businesses of all kinds.

Keep reading to learn what are the key benefits of 3D modeling for advertising and marketing.

Bringing Products to Life in 3D Modeling

Generally one of the most prominent challenges marketers come across is communicating the value, the features, the function and the uniqueness of the product to a customer. The challenge gets even more pronounced when it comes to online shopping.

Particularly this is where 3D modeling comes to the rescue. With the help of high quality CGIs, you can create a detailed presentation of your product even before a physical prototype is finished. No need to wait for product photography, invest in staging and post-production editing. Once the 3D model is done, you can start testing the market and creating a buzz around your product-yet-to-be-manufactured.

Equally important Showcasing special features of your design is also easier with 3D modeling. Many marketers would agree that there is no better way to educate a customer about the product than with a 360° 3D model.

By manipulating the model, your customers get to experience the product even before they can physically hold it in their hands. An interactive shopping experience you provide your customers with, can differentiate you from your competition and help you earn long-term brand loyalty.

3d modeling

Bringing Creativity to The Table

Digitadon’ treated 3D models allow for endless creativity. Colors, textures, materials, finishes – with computer generated imagery, you are always a few clicks away from creating an entirely new product variation. This is impossible with traditional photography where you have to build a photoshoot set, install lighting and high-end equipment every time you need to snap a photo of a product variation.

You also get better environment control when using CGIs. You want your product to be captured by the pool, photographed in the middle of a luxury living room, or snapped under the sun of Tuscany? The beauty of 3D models is that everything can be easily adjusted the way it fits your marketing needs – you don’t even need to leave your office for that.

Equally being a versatile marketing asset 3D Modelling is, it has a lot of commercial and industrial uses. Depending on your niche, you can repurpose the same model for website, video marketing, social media, ads, mixed reality, and much more.

In that case Holidays are another great opportunity for 3D models to shine. Unlike bespoke holliday photoshoots that can be quite pricey, tweaking 3D models into something festive cost very little. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween, you can always repurpose your 3D to maximize your seasonal sales.

3d modeling

Experiential Retail

One of the hottest trends in digital marketing today is experiential retail. Experiential retail helps your customers to “try before you buy” your products through immersive virtual experiences.

Some of the world’s leading brands are utilizing the power of immersive marketing to replace or enhance the traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience. And this is exactly where 3D modeling comes into the picture.

Because from digital dressing rooms, which can reportedly triple your sales to augmented reality apps that allow you to put virtual furniture in real scenes – experiential marketing is definitely on the rise, and it does not show signs of slowing down.

Finally study shows that armed with 3D modeling technology, online businesses can increase their conversion rates from 20% to 40%. With numbers that high, you can’t afford to skimp on 3D modeling.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of 3D modeling for Advertising and Marketing? Let Ilustraviz Studio know in the comments below!


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