How 3D Modeling Can Benefit Your Furniture Marketing Campaign

Especially from swanky car 3D models to sleek product imagery, from stunning movies animation to hyper-realistic interior design shots – more and more industries are embracing the benefits of 3D modeling.

The furniture field also leverages 3D modeling to enhance marketing efforts and improve the product development process.

Read on to learn how 3D modeling can benefit your furniture marketing campaign.

3D Furniture Modeling Encourages Creativity

On this occasion there is a close link between 3D modeling advancement and furniture industry development.

In other words following Instead of spending a lot of time and money on 2D drawings and physical prototype creation, furniture designers are able to focus on the creative process instead.

Because 3D models are computer-generated, they can be easily manipulated. This enables creative teams to explore different scenarios, validate designs, and identify potential flaws – all without creating additional cost drainages.

That is most important endless product variations like colors, materials, features, and textures can be showcased without you needing to spend extra time and money on developing prototypes.

Overall with 3D modeling, design configurations, like adding an armrest to a sofa, can also be made practically on a fly. This functionality is great, especially when you need to showcase all the design variations for your website or catalog.

3D Modeling

3D Furniture Modeling Shows off Product Details

To that end what sets a furniture piece apart from a similar item manufactured by a different company? Oftentimes, it’s the little tell-tale signs that make the product stand out: finishes, the depth of color, how joins are met, the structure of the wood, innovative design elements, etc.

This time One of the most effective ways to communicate these craftsmanship details is through white background product shots. Product 3D models displayed on a white background remove unnecessary distractions and truly give your goods the focus they deserve.

Until now however product shots on a clean white background also convert well when it comes to social media. In fact, a recent study done by Curalate shows that product shots on a clean background drive, on average, 24% more likes than those with a dark background. 

It should be mentioned, though, that product 3D models displayed in its “natural habitat” (aka lifestyle shots) are also great marketing assets. These images can help your potential customers to envision your sofa in their living room, and your desk in their office.

In addition previously the best part is, once your original 3D model is being created, you can repurpose it into a bunch of different furniture CGIs in a few clicks: front views, close-ups, cutouts showcasing the structure of the product, etc.

3d modeling

Testing the Market

It’s impossible to predict with absolute certainty whether or not a new furniture design will be successful. There are some steps, however, furniture manufacturers take to test the market.

Equally important 3D modeling is one of them. This visualization method proved itself to be very accurate when it comes to assessing the product’s potential.

Particularly oftentimes, furniture manufacturers create product 3D models even before the physical prototype is done. Sometimes, they even upload 3D images to their website and start selling their designs by pre-orders.

Putting your furniture items in a variety of scenes is another way of testing the waters.

Specifically whether you want to embed your desk into a minimalist Scandinavian interior or place it into an industrial-looking loft scene, you can do it with the same 3D model. Different scenes can appeal to different segments of customers, which makes 3D furniture models excellent versatile marketing assets.

Furniture CGI has changed the furniture marketing as we know it forever. If winning the furniture market if your goal, you can’t afford to skimp on this invaluable yet cost-effective marketing asset

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