Benefits of 3D Rendering for Interior Designers in Architectural

3D Rendering basically are you looking for ways to ace your interior design concept presentation?

When it comes to selling your client on the idea, 3D interior design rendering has no competition whatsoever.

Another by harnessing the power of 3D rendering technology, you can make your presentation more factual, easy-to-understand, and convincing.

Consequently keep reading to learn the benefits of 3D rendering for interior designers.

3d rendering

Easy Visualization in 3D Rendering

Occasionally far gone are the days when interior designers had to create hand-drawn sketches and build time-consuming physical models to help their clients visualize the final space.

Today, 3D rendering is the main visualization weapon interior design professionals use to convey their ideas with success.

Simultaneously they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, when it comes to design concept presentation, let the renders do the talking!

When done right, 3D renders are extremely self-descriptive. Without you getting into elaborate explanations, 3D renders can help people understand the design better and imagine them coming to life.

And by turning your designs into immersive VR experiences, you can take visualization to a whole new level. Instead of limiting your clients to a 3D render presentation, you can tour them around a space soon-to-be-build.

During your clients are sure to be wowed because VR is as close as they can get to experiencing the final design before it’s finished.

3d rendering

Exploring Options, Avoiding Mistakes

Another obvious advantage of 3D renders and VR is making design changes on the fly.

Eventually your interior design concept presentation isn’t all about you. It’s about your customers asking questions, making suggestions, and eventually getting on the same page with you about the design.

While conveniently enough, 3D renders are completely computer-generated, which means that all the changes can be done on the fly. You can modify and iterate 3D imagery at far less of a time and money expense, than traditional photography.

Whether your client wants to change the color of the walls, flooring, furniture, or the material of the cupboards, all the updates are always a few mouse clicks away. The best part is, the client gets to see them right away, which makes this experience even more interactive.

Another aspect that drives the 3D renders home is the potential mistakes and design flaws that can be caught and avoided before construction starts.

It’s even easier to gauge what needs to be changed when you are immersed in Virtual Reality. With the help of VR glasses, your clients can better see how space fits together, test various scenarios, and potentially catch many costly mistakes.

Streamlined Marketing. Streamlined Approval.

Generally when you use 3D renders for your design concept presentation, your chances of getting a faster approval from your client rise tremendously. This is because it’s easier to explain the design and get your clients on board with it when they clearly see what the finished product will look like.

Following marketing is another area that can benefit from 3D renders. Being extremely versatile assets, renders can serve as a great promotional material for all kinds of audiences. From web content to printed marketing materials, from social media and billboards to having your designs printed on canvas and posted in your office – with awe-inspiring 3D visuals, you can streamline your entire marketing strategy.

Now you have them: the key benefits of 3D rendering for interior designers. Be sure that these visuals will help you to bring your absolute A-Game when it comes to design concept presentation.

If you are ready to go 3D, or if you have any questions, drop Ilustraviz a line! We are here to help!


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