Differences Between 3D Models and Renders in Furniture Industry

Additionally those willing to explore what technology has to offer will quickly find the possibilities are almost endless. Also a very popular example of this found in 3D models and renders. These 360 degree images are so versatile; they can be in almost any industry; such as those below.

  • Interior Design
  • Remodeling
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • eCommerce

That said, 3D models and CGI renderings are popular terms that thrown around quite a lot. To help you determine which one you need or if you want to use both, we have created the following guide.

Computer Generated Imagery

CGI; or computer generated imagery; are pictures that created with the help computer program.

The images produced in this manner can be stationary; moving; or even an immersive augmented reality.

Needless to say, CGI can create a wide array of products ranging from photorealistic scenes, such as those found in lifestyle shots, to any of the following and beyond.

  • Product installation guides
  • Virtual tours
  • Interactive 360 degree renders
  • 3D movies

Now that we have a general idea of what CGI images can do, let’s check out the differences between two of the most commonly used terms in the field.

What is a 3D Models?

Mathematical formulas are fed into a computer program to generate 3-dimensional representations of any object. Due to this, 3D models can bring any blueprint to life in a cost-effective manner compared to actually producing a physical prototype.

When utilized online, such as on a website or app, these CGI models can be utilized in virtual realities to create a submersive environment for users.

3D models can also be implemented as a way to showcase a product or provide potential.

Customers with a way customize an item they interested in buying.

What is a 3D Render?

In general, a 3D render refers to transforming a 3-dimensional item into a 2-dimensional one. To elaborate, 3D renderings often feature 3D models in a 2D setting.

A noteworthy exception this when virtual augmented reality being deployed.

By utilizing this technology, business owners can generate photorealistic images that appear to be taken by a camera in real life.

Thanks to this perk, the following feats are possible.

  • Generating decor ideas to determine which is best for an environment without paying excessive amounts for a photographer
  • Showcase architecture plans in a real life target location
  • Highlight how a product would work
  • Make it possible for potential customers to upload an image
  • Of the environment item is going
  • Effortlessly and inexpensively display a product, service, or idea in exotic destination

In addition, 3D renders and 3d models can relay numerous small details too, such as time of day or texture variance.

3d models

These noteworthy additions enhance CGI images to make them appear real, and can be used aptly complement your next marketing campaign.

Be sure to take advantage of this amazing benefit by contacting Ilustraviz today!


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