Photorealistic Product 3D Rendering: 4 Situations When it Saves Marketers Thousands of Dollars

Eventually ask any tech savvy business owner out there about 3D rendering model renders. Odds are they will happily tell you first hand how the model render they had generated increased brand awareness and helped the company to visually stand out.

On average, marketers are able to save a couple thousand dollars on ongoing marketing campaigns. However, telling you 3D model renders are capable of achieving this is not the same as actually providing real life examples where 3D renderings saved marketers so much money. So, let’s dive in.

Utilizing a 3D Rendering PC For Interior Decor

Occasionally to make a building, suite, or environment desirable for potential buyers, marketers need to take well-endowed photographs, specifically those featuring lavish decor and flattering angles.

Accomplishing this using traditional methods typically requires the purchase of various decor combinations, as well as an interior designer and a photographer, at a base rate of $100 an hour. Needless to say, this marketing expense easily exceeds a couple grand.

Environmental 3D Real Time Rendering

On occasion, to do a project, building, product, or concept justice a photoshoot needs to be done in an exotic or non-local location. Taking these photographs using archaic methods would require business owners to fly a crew out to said area. Which is a pricey endeavour, even if everything goes as planned.

Until and if they do not, the ordeal can quickly exceed budget expectations.

Fortunately, the development of 3D visualisation architecture or other images generated via a 3D model editor are rarely, if ever, more expensive than the original estimate, and look just as real as the desired exotic or non-local location.

Make 3D Model Animated

In any case static product photos are everywhere.

As a result, these 2D images are typically glossed over without a second thought. Costing hopeful marketers thousands of dollars and oodles of time.

To bypass this concern, business owners can hire a 3D rendering and modeling company, such as Ilustraviz, to generate 3D CGI models. These interactive 360 degree images are comparatively less expensive than the price of traditional photoshoots and more engaging than flat 2D images.

3d rendering

Ongoing Customization

Another drawback of traditional 2D photos is their finality. To further elaborate, once a photo is taken there are not that. many ways to alter the image while keeping the realisticness of it intact.

Due to this, business owners traditionally needed to redo photoshoots over and over again, or take a more modern approach, such as relying on a photoshop artist, which can plunge the integrity. A company into the ground if the image touch ups are done incorrectly.

Fortunately, you can use 3D render interior designs, 3D product models, and other photorealistic 3D images, to avoid these cumbersome, expensive methods. Each 3D render can be regenerated on the fly to create picture perfect images every time, saving you thousands of dollars in the process.


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