How using realistic 3D Rendering can save you a ton of money

Сurrently more and more companies start using 3D Rendering to represent their brands, and for a good reason. With their spectacular vividness and endless opportunities for creativity, it’s no wonder that computer-generated images (CGI) are on the rise.

Cost-effectiveness of CGIs is another reason marketers and business owners are ditching the camera in favor of 3d images.

Keep reading to learn how using 3D Renderings can save you a ton of money.

3d rendering

Initial investment

Let’s just agree, building a traditional photo set is not the most time- and cost-effective solution.

Creating expensive prototype in different variations, shipping it to the location of the photoshoot. Renting furniture for staging, setting up costly photography equipment – and the list goes on.

Here is where the 3D Rendering comes into the picture.

With computer-generated visuals, you can showcase your design in any location. Having any background, capturing any lighting without breaking a bank.

So whether you decide to do a shooting in a castle or to photograph. Your custom-made piece by the pool in sunny California. You can do it at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography.

However, there are a few details to keep in mind when budgeting for 3D Renders.

As a rule of thumb, the bigger is the scope of the project, the more expensive the Renders will be. The complexity of the of Rendering, the level of detail and the number of custom-made elements required for it will also affect the overall cost of the project.

Cost of revision in 3d rendering

Modifications, product customization and any adjustments are much easier and less expensive to make in the 3D environment.

The turnaround time of such revisions is also much shorter in comparison to good old photography.

With CGIs, you can showcase as many variations of the product as you wantl. Without actually spending money on multiple prototypes or building an expensive photo shoot set.

Does your client want to change the colour of the piece, adjust the shadows or the scene of the photoshoot? Once you have the initial 3D Render, the possibilities for creativity and do-overs are endless.

Advertisement cost can also be minimized with the 3D Renderings, as you can use the same CGIs for multiple marketing ventures.

You can repurpose the same 3D Render for digital advertising, printed promotional materials and even 3d Virtual tours.

3d rendering

Using 3D Rendering for pre-selling

Just because your project is on the concept stage does not mean that you can’t start promoting it. With a realistic 3D Rendering presentation, it’s much easier to get a client on board with your pre-manufactured design.

Because your potential buyer or investor get to experience a yet-to-be-made design through detailed CGIs, they can get emotionally attached to the project even before it has been made.

Computer generated visuals are also game-changers when it comes to initial design approval process.

It is much easier to explain the features and wow your clients. With the design if you have a top-notch 3D visual in place. Design decisions become clear, so there is no room for costly miscommunications and do-overs.

With a 3D Rendering technology, you can save a ton of money on images and maximize your marketing budget.

By going with photorealistic 3D images. You will also save a great deal of money when it comes to revisions and modifications of the design.

But most importantly, these cost-effective images can help your customer to envision exactly what they will be getting at the end, so they are satisfied with the outcome.

And let’s agree that a happy customer is something you simply can’t put a price tag on.


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